Some Winter Work & a Relaunch

On the 15th March ‘Talisker 1’ was relaunched at Suffolk YH.

Ready for relaunch

Getting ready with the Travel Hoist

Oliver & Big James preparing to remove the cradle

The boys in the yard do an immaculate job. I don’t think many appreciate the guys on the front line. Out in the yard its not always balmy! James, Big James, Oliver and Jack do a grand job. I must be a terrible bother to them. Nothing happens around my boat without ME being there but they tell me that it’s nice to have someone interested!

I’ve got a more sensible spray hood. A much more solid frame with grab handles and there is now room to turn the halyard winch handles on top of the coach roof 360. Its a grand job!

Template for the new Spray Hood

Dave from Parker & Kay. Master hood & cover maker!

The frame was constructed by Tim at Mr Stainless and the canvas work by the cover specialist, Dave, at Parker & Kay

Ollie Ballam, SeaPower Marine helped us again with electronics. Much more of that to come.

I spent considerable time on the hull below the waterline. I tried to get the bottom as smooth as possible. We are not long from needing to sandblast years and years of antifoul.

It’s always cold when work begins

Taping sleeves to gloves, boots to trousers and a full face mask and goggles + hood and still the dust gets in. I’m working hard on ‘Talisker 1’

Now some primer on the bare patches ..

And a first coat of antifoul ..

And then with the second coat of antifoul ON its gotta snow!

Shiny prop & anodes

A welcome break! Lunch with John, Dean & Kara’s (‘Sentijn’) Mum & Dad who are in from the States.  Also Kris and David ‘Taipan’, Sally and my Mum!

Back where she belongs …

I’m pretty happy with my ship.

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