Deer Sound, Orkney 2016

A single-handed sailors dull blog of his adventures at sea, boats he has sailed, some of his sailing friends and a few to admire and appreciate too.  

There is the odd exciting bit but that will be because I have done something wrong.  Mistakes are highlights! If it’s immensely boring I have done something right.  

On land I am social.  Most of the time I am alone at sea and I like it that way.  

My sailing has for the most part been in the tricky Thames Estuary.  From there exploring, The North Sea, The Channel, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Orkney, Shetland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and a little of  the USA. I have also sailed in the Mediterranean Italy, France and Spain.  In 2018 ‘Talisker 1’ and I sailed 4,000 miles in the Atlantic Ocean.  

In March 2019 James Robinson and I crossed the Atlantic with Kris Adams and David Frost on their Kaufman 49 ‘Taipan’.  Not single handed that time.

I have sailed further than most but not nearly as far as some.  2022 was a quiet year recovering from a Total Heart Block suffered in November 2021. 

‘Talisker 1’ was relaunched on the 17th April 2023.  Plans to sail further were curtailed by injury.  2024 is now underway.

‘Talisker 1’ Cedeira, Spain 2018

Atlantic Ocean. ‘Talisker 1’ Making Progress to Madeira 16th June 2018

‘Talisker 1’ in the Portuguese Trades heading south to Madeira 2018

Landfall. Ponto do Castelo LH, Santa Maria, The Azores 2018

Taking sights … inbound to Falmouth from The Azores July 2018

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