Orford S C Cruising News May 2013

In spite of the weather many boats have got out on to the water and some members have managed a meet.  Here is the news I’ve received and please keep sending it in…

‘Sanderling’ left the river on the 25th and sailed to The Orwell meeting up with ‘Livia’s’ crew for a meal in The Lightship.  They spent a lazy day on The Stour, then a night in Shotley before engine failure on their way home in The Ore but managed to create a race with ‘Dura’and ‘Gracie J’ to the club line!  I don’t know if ‘Dura’ and ‘Gracie J’ were aware?

‘Scendor’ has been gale bound in Largs Marina on the Clyde.  The crew are enjoying their new ship, a Nicholson 31.  Their latest news is the

“boat is sailing well – we’ve just been round Mull and are now in Tobermory.  Plenty of wind on the west coast!”

‘Livia’s’ crew organised a meal at The Lightship attended by crews of ‘Cornelia’, ‘Sea Holly’ and ‘Joyride’ but with the weather, everybody travelled by motor car!

‘Simba’ has some autohelm difficulties.

‘Tuesday’ has been back at Orford the longest and reports the following

“Two porpoises in the river at Orford at present – plus the seals and the otters of course.  Due to an unusually cold North Sea this year??”

‘Nipa ll’ has had some good week end sailing from Canvey Island.

‘Quantz’ is back in the river.

I am looking forward to more news from ‘Erin’ who left for Holland with, I hope, the first success from the new Crew List which has been created.

‘Baltic Bear’ is in Denmark not knowing when they will be on the east coast again.  They hope to make southern Norway this summer but please continue to send us your news..

I am delighted to say I spotted ‘Throstle’ back in the river and this time under her own steam with a new engine. 

‘Dutch Dream’ very kindly allowed the Cruiser Fleet Captain to join his ship from Larkman’s to Orford.  I’ve got to do some sailing so thank you very much indeed.  I’ve had a run out on ‘Livia’ and ‘Dura’.  I also crewed on a delivery of a brand new Oyster 54’ from Ipswich to Southampton.  Only 1.2 million if you want one of those!

‘Samingo ll’ alias Sam in Go, has been undergoing repairs since December 2011 and I am delighted to say she should be back on the river in insha’Allah by the end of June.  http://www.samingosailing.com/boats/restoration-sadler-32-samingo-ll/

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR CRUISING NEWS AND PHOTOS to cruisers@orfordsail.org.uk and do not forget the CREW LIST if you need some help.

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