Winter Home

8th November

29th October The Ore to The Orwell

Doc (David Foreman) and James (Robinson) helped me sail ‘Talisker 1’ from Orford to Suffolk Yacht Harbour, her winter home.  It was lovely to be at sea with the two master mariners.

29th October James Robinson & David Foreman in command of ‘Talisker 1’ as we sail to our winter home

The area around my pace maker is infected.  I was stunned to learn that the pace maker and wires have to be removed as a matter of urgency.

Pace maker wires are not designed to come out.  I go to Papworth Hospital on Thursday and then the operation to extract the pace maker takes place on Friday.  Apparently, it is a long tricky procedure carried out under general anaesthetic.  I will then stay in Hospital until I’m free from infection.  Only then will the experts consider implanting a new pace maker.  The Papworth nurses have told me to be prepared for six weeks in Hospital.

I’ve been on antibiotics.  I am having to dress a small area around the pace maker where the skin has broken.

A few weeks ago I thought I was finally making a recovery from last November’s Total Heart Block.  I’m looking forward to getting through to the new year and finally trying to get back to some normality.

1st November ‘Talisker 1’ in her winter berth at Suffolk Yacht Harbour

9th November


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