Oostende, Osea & The Blackwater

28th September

Sunset over Orford from our Mooring

29th September

Was a lovely day with not a lot of wind and it was going to be possible to get out of the River Ore at about midday. Doc came on board in the morning for a chat. Then I took him down river to ‘Endeavor’ towing his dinghy. Doc was going to give Candy some help with her solar panels.

Doc in the tender approaching ‘Endeavor’

Leaving the river we had some nice south westerly winds but they were not going to last. I expected them to slowly go north westerly and weaken. Nonetheless by the time we reached south Galloper it had virtually died and we started to motor. The wind was very light and dead on the nose. It’s not my favourite way to cross the southern North Sea, despite the spectacular sunset.

0200 Engine off Royal North Sea YC Oostende and a warm welcome the following morning from HM Simon. What a difference NOT having the ghastly Robert in charge there now.

1st October

‘Talisker 1’ & ‘Wings’ Royal North Sea YC Oostende

And then it blew from the north. RNSYC is not the most comfortable place to be when it blows from the north and we were a rockin n rollin but in good company. US SV ‘Wings’ were in harbour and so I got to know Gus and Helen a bit more after meeting them in St Kats earlier in the year.

I had supper with Anne and Raymond at their house. Lovely! And of course saw a great deal of Pieter. Supper with them twice along with Mieke and Aster.

3rd October

4th October

There was a nice window to sail home to Harwich. A terrific days sailing made up for the motor across outward bound. Despite having to tack south to round south Galloper, we sailed the 83 NM in under twelve hours.. It was a busy sail with more traffic than I’ve experienced in those waters for quite some time.

Leaving Oostende

West Hinder Anchorage

Leaving West Hinder Anchorage

MV Lisa was one of very few ships I’ve experienced over the past few years who have not responded to VHF calls. Nor did she alter course for us, which would have been so easy for her to do.

MV ‘Lisa’

North Sea Crossing

South Galloper

Felixstowe Docks

Arrival Felixstowe Docks from Oostende

5th October

At anchor River Orwell off Shotley Visibility V Poor

6th October

Thames Barge ‘Thalatta’ heading down river. We are heading in to Suffolk YH for the night

The weather was too good. After a day or so at anchor in the Orwell and a night hiding from strong winds in Suffolk YH we took advantage of lovely conditions on the

7th October

to take the wind and flood down to The Blackwater and Osea Island before turning round and sailing in to Bradwell Marina for the night. Terrific sailing.

Leaving Felixstowe early on the 7th

Walton Pier

Down the Wallet

The ‘Ross Revenge’, Radio Caroline in The Blackwater

The Captains House, Osea Island

A racing fleet above Osea

“Talisker 1′ charging down the River Blackwater from Osea

Bradwell Marina

8th October

The following day it was perfect to sail back up the Wallet and anchor off Shotley for the night.

Heading up the Wallet

9th October

Dawn! Anchored River Orwell off Shotley

We sailed back to Orford on the 9th.

MSC ‘Maya’ rounding Languard. All 395 Metres of her.

Stena Line outward bound from Harwich to Amsterdam

Bawdsey Manor

Boat House Point

Entering the Ore

My Home Port! Orford! The Castle & Church

Unloading. The SC Pontoon

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