On Our Way … First Stop … Ramsgate

We are in Ramsgate after a cracking sail yesterday across the Thames Estuary.

Leaving Felixstowe behind us …. in the gloom

On our way to Ramsgate

Fishermans Gat

North Foreland approaches


North Foreland LH

As I write there is a thick blanket of fog enveloping Ramsgate and Fog Horns are sounding as traffic makes its was up and down the narrow Straits.

Looking out to Sea Ramsgate

‘Talisker 1’ Ramsgate Marina

We departed from Orford on Friday and sailed to Harwich. Sally drove me to Orford and our splendid HM Philip deposited us on the boat. We did not bother with much unpacking and left that until we were safely anchored off Trimley Marshes in the Orwell. Doc was on board ‘Tuesday’ and it was good to see the great man before setting off from our mooring.

Leaving Orford

A solitary Dutch yacht was leaving the River Ore with us. We sailed all the way to the Orwell.

Friday evening was spent getting us ship shape and stowing and then trying to complete the configuring of the Iridium Go. The support from the PredictWind Help Centre is faultless. Marlene has been so patient with me. Anyway we nearly got there. Today we updated the software with a good internet connection in Ramsgate Marina. It’s costly here, so I hope the fog blanket clears so we can take advantage of the promised easterlies forecast for the week to get us down channel.

James Robi hoisted me up the mast on the 18th May to retrieve my faulty ST50 masthead wind instrument.

James Robi in charge of my safety .. thank goodness!

View from Aloft

A Harbour Masters View

Luckily there is a chap in Devon who can still repair them. Doc helped me aloft again to put the repaired unit back on the 26th May. I also replaced the pads on the spreaders that protect the main from chafe. One of the disadvantages of a fractional rig with swept back spreaders. But she don’t half go well with a clean bottom.

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