Haul Out

14th January 2021

‘Talisker 1’ was immaculately hauled out of the water at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the 4th January.  Due to Covid 19 I was not allowed to go near my ship for 72 hours before the gang towed her from her mooring to the travel hoist.

Oliver centre.

Oliver supervised the whole thing beautifully.


  • Mike Ogonovsky says:

    Hi I really enjoy your blog and videos. I’m off to see a Sadler 32 tomorrow- any thing I should look out for?

    • Wow! Where to start with that one? You get a feeling for a boat … if it’s been looked after or not. And if the seller is a real sailor. Clean fresh bilges and on board smells! Is the engine room clean and tidy. Sea cocks and hoses in good condition. When was the standing rigging last inspected or renewed. Is the running rigging clean? Age and look of engine plus service records. Has the owner kept detailed boat maintenance records? Sails and not necessarily their age. Sails can be old but kept well. If you do go for a Sadler 32 I can advise on the sails. There can be internal leaks from the toe rail. Have a peep at that. I would want the deep fin keel. I could write so much. Quite useful to strap your camera in such a way that you can video as you look round without being distracted by actually filming. There are things you might miss that could show up on the camera. I’d love to know how you get on. Stay safe. ATB James

      • Mike Ogonovsky says:

        Many thanks. Just come back. It was a bit disappointing and I deeply suspect bad things lurk and I won’t be taking that one further. water running in (I mean running) over the galley which he said was the window but thanks to your advice I asked about the toe rail and he then admitted it wasn’t the window. So Thank you very much for that! :). Saw a moody 10 years older this am which despite being very original had clearly been well looked after. The search continues! I’m on the other side to you in Cardiff and aspire to do similar sailing but in the other direction. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again and best wishes


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